5 minutes with a…business mama

This weeks 5 MINUTES WITH interview is with the lovely Gemma Moore from Red Spark Communications .
In “5 MINUTES WITH A…BUSINESS MUMMA” find out how Gemma finds the elusive BALANCE and what unique skills Gemma believes mums can bring to the work place.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today Gemma. We know you are a busy mumma and appreciate you being here.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Gemma and I run Red Spark Communications for the past 6 years. I help business owners discover and share their SPARK with the world through marketing which works for them and their customers.

Seeing people’s eyes light up when they are doing something they truly love give me goosebumps along with some serious butterflies.

I just know if they can work out the right way to share that spark then they will be successful.

Some examples of how I do this is by helping write business award submissions, creating marketing strategies, running Facebook Ad campaigns and writing copy for websites.

What made you chose to start a business over working for someone else?

I’ve always been a leader and after working in many different areas all focussing on communication I realised small business owners were missing out on marketing opportunities or in fact someone to stand up for them and to guide them.

Once I had my first two girls I really struggled, they were both under 18 months and I knew for me I needed to do something – after looking at all the options starting a business came out way on top for flexibility for our family and the amazing possibilities to help so many people.

How do you balance running your own business, with being a mum?

Six years on and I honestly still don’t have the balance. In fact I kind of ignore the theory of balance and ride the wave. Some days are better than others, some days are really bloody hard.

A mentor did teach me I needed to think about what kind of support network did I need to make it all happen and feel good. It gave me more confidence to use childcare and be honest with clients – I”m a business mama and sometimes I will have to cancel because of sick kids and I can’t always drop everything to answer phone calls and emails.

It’s common for the mums we meet with to undervalue their skills in their resume. What advice to you have for Mums who are returning back to work after being on maternity leave?

We as mums have so many skills which aren’t always obvious. Sit down with a friend or a professional to help you draw out some of the stuff you can do. Have you volunteered for a committee? And what skills did you have before, which although may be a bit rusty are still valid?

Plus never forget attitude and the ability to solve problems should be highly valued.

Finally, its 3pm on Wednesday afternoon and you’ve just realised you haven’t organised anything for dinner. What is your go to recipe for a quick and easy meal?

This happens more often than not in my house. I would hire a cook if I could, even though I’m an excellent cook. Our easy go to is spaghetti bolognese – sauce, mince and spaghetti because as mums we need to do whatever we can to get through the day!
Thank you so much Gemma.
If anyone would like to get in contact with Gemma at Red Spark Communications you can find all the details below
Gemma Moore
Red Spark Communications

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