Happy New Year…sorry we’re late.

So it’s Jan 4th and I’ve just sat down to finish off my New Years resolution post.  Yeah.. sorry we’re late!
When I say I’m sitting down I mean, hiding in my room from the children. I managed to escape from the 3 year old and the teenager but I couldn’t shake the baby. So he’s helping me type by randomly smashing the keyboard.
You see, I totally blanked on the actual day of New Years Eve this year. Which is a big problem cause we were hosting a party at our house. I thought it was Tuesday but my clever 14 year old informed me it was Monday. Truth be told I have no idea what actual day of the week is at the moment! I’m in that post-christmasy blur.
So it was December 30th, and I’ve taken the family away for a weekend in Melbourne. Melbourne is about an hour and a half away from home and I’ve just realised that I don’t have an extra day to get the house ready for the party! Set the controls to hyper drive!
So sorry for the delay guys but hey #mumlife. The party was a great success though!
So let’s just rewind the last few days and pretend its December 31st 11:59pm and 56 seconds.
On the 1st of Jan every year about 15 minutes after the fire works. I close my eyes, turn my face to the sky and say my New Year resolution. Then usually by about the 25th of January I have forgotten what they are and go about my year. Since becoming a mum that date has creeped closer and closer to the 2nd of January!
So this year I’m trying something new and I’d like you to join me.
I’ve been reading all the New Years resolution articles floating around this time of the year and none of them have really jelled with me. So I’ve come up with my own strategy. A mum hack to resolutions.
My New Years resolutions are only going to last for 3 months.
I’m kind of a big fan of instant gratification. You know, see the shoes…buy the shoes. So the whole “wait til December to see your success” thing has never really worked for me. Besides, I have way too many other things like book week, dental appointments and sports events to remember.
So, I’m setting my goals with the end point of March the 31st.
This gives me two things.
The first is an end point. All good goals need an endpoint.
The second is the excitement of setting new goals for April! It’s like a mini New Year’s Eve and I’m going to have champagne and sparklers and cake!
The next thing I have done is set reminders in my phone . I’m going to get an alert on the 15th of each month (Jan, Feb, Mar) A little friendly reminder to keep me on track.
Finally I am choosing three different themes of resolution.
  1. Reading – non work related
  2. Healthy – but not ridiculous
  3. Beauty – something to spoil myself
And that’s it guys. its simple and quick and mum friendly
Usually I keep my resolutions a secret. It’s me with my eyes closed (swaying a little bit from the champagne) and the stars. This year I’d like to share it with my tribe.
Here they are!
  1. I’d like to read 3 novels – One a moth. I used to read every night but since having the kids I flop into bed and just scroll through FB. The other reading I do is all about you! I am always reading on how to improve resume writing or interview techniques or some business blog. Its enjoyable but it’s not the same as reading a novel.
  2. Strengthen my calves – so this one might sound crazy to you. I have started playing AFLW for my local club. I got a bit over zealous with my training and developed shin splints. Ouch! I love playing so much! It’s bringing me so much joy!! But every time I start running I end up with shin splints. Part of the problem is my weakling calves. So I have a little strength program (which I keep forgetting to do!) So from Jan to March I commit to getting my calves into shape!!
  3. Eyelash extensions – after having my baby boy I have rarely seen the inside of my make up bag. 7 months post baby and I feel like I need to find the women in me again. Eyelash extensions might seem like a treat (and it is) but it’s also a commitment to get out my track suit pants and maternity bras!!
Thanks for listening to my NYE resolutions.
I would love to know yours!
List them below or email them to me and when March 31st comes we’ll reconvene here and celebrate!
Happy New Years beautiful Mummas!!!
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