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The term mumpreneur has been a thrown around alot for the last few years.

Basically its a mum who is an entrepeneur.

Whether you believe it is sexist or not (I do by the way!  We are just entrepreneurs! I don’t hear anything about dadpreneurs), the fact remains that the rise in mothers starting businesses has dramatically increased over the years.


Because it is hard to be a mum and work full-time in Australia.

I have two business.

Obviously the first is Mumma Bird Resume Services and it is my passion and my love.

Mumma Bird was born out of a desire to help people, earn money and be able to live in a small coastal town away from a big city while being available to my children.

It’s a business that serves a purpose for my family. My other side hustle is a business that serves a purpose for me and my lifestyle.

My health and my partner’s health was out of control. After the birth of my second baby we just got by in life! Energy was non-existent, our relationship was bordering on flat mates and we were just not living how we wanted to.

Through the power of social media I was introduced to this program by a close friend who I respect very much.

After some discussion with my partner we agreed to look into it. What started as a skeptical interest has blossomed into hard-core love!

Shayne and I have seen so much change in our lives.  It was a no-brainer to jump on in to the business as well. We set some awesome goals (both health & wealth) and we haven’t looked back! I am also loving being in business with my partner. The shared motivation is great. Who would have thought?!

Whether you are interested in the health side or the wealth side, both or none, all I ask is that you cheer us on and encourage us to achieve our pier2 pub goals.

If you would like more information reach out to Shayne or myself through our instagram page.

We’d love to share our experiences.