Happy New Year…sorry we’re late.

So it's Jan 4th and I’ve just sat down to finish off my New Years resolution post.  Yeah.. sorry we're late! When I say I'm sitting down I mean, hiding in my room from the children. I managed to escape from the 3 year old and the teenager but I couldn’t shake the baby. [...]

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The 3 Emotions a Mother Feels When Planning to Return To Work.

Alright Mumma Birds, I’m not going to sugar coat it! This returning to work thing is hard! Whether you have taken 6 months or 6 years of maternity leave the feelings you get when returning to work are big! I’ve always been a big believer that knowledge is power. That’s probably why I clung [...]

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WTF is a Power Word?!

Let me be straight with you. I hate the term power words. Now, before you get all “Michelle, power words are key to a professional resume”, I completely agree with you. They are an important part of a resume but they are also the quickest way to make your resume look...well…phony. I’m definitely not [...]

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My secret resume writing weapon.

I’m a list person. Always have been always will be. I love to write a to-do list or set out my goals for the year and you couldn't count the number of times I have written a pros and cons list. It’s how I keep my brain sorted and while I do find great satisfaction [...]

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