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5 minutes with a… divorce coach

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon when my phone pinged telling me I had a Facebook DM.“Hi Michelle, I’d love to interview you for my blog. I specialise in supporting mums through separation and many need help getting back into the workforce. Would you be interested in answering a few questions? Prue”What a brilliant service [...]

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5 minutes with a…mum who convinced me to stand half naked in a paddock

Hello Ladies! Thanks for coming along to read about the next super-amazing woman from the "5 minutes" interview series. This interview is very special to me (aren't they all) because it features me! I first became aware of Lydia when I saw this photo floating around Facebook. I thought it was one of the [...]

5 minutes with a…mum who convinced me to stand half naked in a paddock2019-01-18T08:22:36+00:00

Happy New Year…sorry we’re late.

So it's Jan 4th and I’ve just sat down to finish off my New Years resolution post.  Yeah.. sorry we're late! When I say I'm sitting down I mean, hiding in my room from the children. I managed to escape from the 3 year old and the teenager but I couldn’t shake the baby. [...]

Happy New Year…sorry we’re late.2019-01-18T08:29:21+00:00

5 minutes with the…Margarita Mum!

I have always had a bucket list. It gets both smaller and larger every year! Experiences are a big part of my bucket list. Everything from dinner on the Eiffel Tower to running a half marathon, swimming with sharks, buying a house....well, you get the idea. Around the age of 24 I added one [...]

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The 3 Emotions a Mother Feels When Planning to Return To Work.

Alright Mumma Birds, I’m not going to sugar coat it! This returning to work thing is hard! Whether you have taken 6 months or 6 years of maternity leave the feelings you get when returning to work are big! I’ve always been a big believer that knowledge is power. That’s probably why I clung [...]

The 3 Emotions a Mother Feels When Planning to Return To Work.2019-01-18T08:32:38+00:00

WTF is a Power Word?!

Let me be straight with you. I hate the term power words. Now, before you get all “Michelle, power words are key to a professional resume”, I completely agree with you. They are an important part of a resume but they are also the quickest way to make your resume look...well…phony. I’m definitely not [...]

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My secret resume writing weapon.

I’m a list person. Always have been always will be. I love to write a to-do list or set out my goals for the year and you couldn't count the number of times I have written a pros and cons list. It’s how I keep my brain sorted and while I do find great satisfaction [...]

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5 minutes with a…mum that makes moving easy.

This weeks interview is a fascinating one! If you’ve ever had to relocate interstate (I’m up to 4 times now) or you are about to then this ones for you! Grab a cuppa and spend 5 Minutes with the delightful Kate Reynoldsand learn all about her super powers! Do you know a mumma that [...]

5 minutes with a…mum that makes moving easy.2019-01-18T08:36:31+00:00

5 minutes with a…business mama

This weeks 5 MINUTES WITH interview is with the lovely Gemma Moore from Red Spark Communications . In "5 MINUTES WITH A...BUSINESS MUMMA" find out how Gemma finds the elusive BALANCE and what unique skills Gemma believes mums can bring to the work place. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us [...]

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5 minutes with a… mum who manages mums.

A new website and a new interview for our blog! We’re feeling very special today!!! Meet Lynne Hayden, a very clever woman who knows the secret to her successful business....(psst....the answer is Mums) Lynne Hayden is the owner and licensed Real Estate Agent for LINKS Property. I have been closely watching (in awe) Lynne [...]

5 minutes with a… mum who manages mums.2019-01-18T08:40:45+00:00