5 minutes with a…recruitment agent

Hi Lisanne,

As you know Mumma Bird Resume Service is a resume and career service dedicated to mothers. A lot of our clients are facing the daunting task of writing their resume after time off raising their children or looking at changing careers because their job just doesn’t suit their family lifestyle anymore.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for our Mumma Birds.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work Lisanne.

I am originally from the Netherlands where I met my Australian partner during our studies.  I moved to Australia over 3 years ago.  I started working with Austcorp Executive as soon as I arrived into Sydney where I recruit sales and marketing positions in the Medical Devices industry.  Besides that, I love being active (participate in triathlons) and exploring Sydney and Australia.

You must see 1000’s of resume through your line of work, what makes a great resume?

That is true!  I would see over 50 resume’s a day!  For me a great resume is not too long first of all (2-3 pages), has no typos (!), has a clear overview, good font and font size (I don’t have a preference which font), and contains numbers in the achievements.  I deal with a lot of sales professionals and it is good to be able to quickly scan over their achievements (achieved 110% to target this year, 108% that year, etc.).  I don’t think that is function related, everyone can put an achievement in their resume what they are proud off and what they have achieved in their job.  I don’t see a lot of photos on CV’s but I don’t mind a professional looking photo – that is the first thing you’d see when you open a the resume file.

and you must see the not so good ones – Can you tell us some of the common mistakes people make?

Sending through a resume that is 15 pages long…  As a Recruiter I don’t have time to read through all that.  I prefer resumes that are short, sharp and to the point.  Another common mistake are typos.  Finally what I see at times is that people put in a short summary of what they are looking for but then didn’t adjust it for the job they applied for.  I am a big believer in adjusting your CV to the job you apply for as you might need to focus on some strengths in one job and some others in another job.  So look at the job description and you know what to focus on in your CV.

What advice would you give mother’s writing their resumes for how to address the dreaded “maternity leave gap”?

I would be open and upfront about that.  Some mothers might leave a gap on their CV without explanation.  Then it’s up to the Recruiter if they have time to call you to seek an explanation around that gap.  It is easier to just put on your cv “raising my child”.  If you have done anything else during that period but no formal employment I would mention that too (maybe a study, or helping out a family member’s business for a few hours a week, anything is helpful).

Any other advice for Mother’s returning to the work force?

Stay connected during your maternity leave period.  Check in with former colleagues and managers to get an update about the industry. Also stay in touch with Recruiters during this period.  I had a candidate who called me every few months during her 12 month mat leave and had no issue to return into a job.  Finding a job is all about having a network and using it!

Finally its 3pm on Wednesday afternoon and you’ve just realised you haven’t organised anything for dinner. What is your go to recipe for a quick and easy meal?

For a quick and easy (and Healthy) meal I always choose to buy a nice piece of salmon and grill it.  That in combination with a salad (lettuce, avocado, capsicum, cucumber) and a home made dressing makes it a quick and healthy meal.

Lisanne, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful advice with us today.

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