5 minutes with a… mum who manages mums.

A new website and a new interview for our blog! We’re feeling very special today!!! Meet Lynne Hayden, a very clever woman who knows the secret to her successful business….(psst….the answer is Mums)

Lynne Hayden is the owner and licensed Real Estate Agent for LINKS Property. I have been closely watching (in awe) Lynne for many years because  she has decided to run her real estate as an all female team. When I started this little blog, Lynne was one of the first women who came to mind to interview. Who better to talk to about the almighty power of the mother than Lynne!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

I often think of my start in real estate as a love story.  After studying a B.Bus in public relations and Ass Dip in IT, I meet Stephen and married into a family with a strong real estate lineage. In 2001 I started my career in real estate and in 2006 secured my Estate Agents licence. The rest is history. Fifteen years together with my business partner Suzy we have shaped a niche in the market as the digital girls in a digital world. 

What made you chose to run your business with an all female team?

Think of us as the white funeral ladies for real estate.  The industry is dominated by males, probably due to the long hours and 24/7 commitment, but with the support of our families we were able to carve out a reputation. We know how it feels to fall in love with a home, a location, a view a lifestyle. 

 Let’s face it, women communicate in a special way about property and, in most cases, are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to purchasing. It makes perfect sense to have women represent you and your home in the marketplace.

 We live the lifestyle here and we love sharing every aspect of it.

Many of Mumma Bird’s clients (Mothers) come to us believing or being told that after being out of the workforce on maternity leave, their skills and experience aren’t as relevant anymore. In your experience do you find this to be true?

Our preference is to hire woman post motherhood – they are the ultimate multi taskers! Our eldest employee with links right now is 70+ – they bring with them a maturity and respect the young cadets can’t compete with.

Whats the best thing about working in an all-female team?

Productivity, efficiency combined with we genuinely love what we do and are totally immersed in the Torquay and Jan Juc community. It’s where we choose to raise our families. We’re lively, sociable and prone to laugher.

What strengths and skills do you believe being a Mother can bring to the work place?

When you break down a mother’s role into resume standards it’s really quite amazing. Decision making, active speaking, persuasion, time management… where do I stop.  


Finally, its 3pm on Wednesday afternoon and you’ve just realised you haven’t organised anything for dinner. What is your “go to” recipe for a quick and easy meal?

Ahhh this happens more often than not. Thank god for our local Peaches fruit and veg with ready to go options BUT I do favour the basics – a steak, broccoli and roast potato’s – a crowd pleaser in our house.

Tel (03) 5261 5155 | Mobile 0415 966 471 | Fax (03) 5261 5255lhayden@linksproperty.com.aulinksproperty.com.au 

Facebook  PO BOX 608  Torquay VIC 3228

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