5 minutes with a…mum who convinced me to stand half naked in a paddock

Hello Ladies! Thanks for coming along to read about the next super-amazing woman from the “5 minutes” interview series. This interview is very special to me (aren’t they all) because it features me! I first became aware of Lydia when I saw this photo floating around Facebook.
I thought it was one of the most empowering images that I had ever seen.
When my sister and I both fell pregnant she sent me a text with the above image and a message that said “do you want to do this with me”.
So the first time I met Lydia was on the 15th of April 2018. I was 8 months pregnant, virtually naked and standing in a paddock and I have never felt more powerful in my life!
Interviewing Lydia for the “5 minute” series was a no-brainer. I started following her instagram account @the_hermosa_co and reading her blog and found out there is a whole lot more about Lydia Latta then just her annual photo shoot.
Tell us a bit about yourself, your business and how you have ended up in your current career?
Mama and Wife to my 2 boys and hubby Trent. I am constantly inspired by nature and also big cities, so I love to spend my spare time in both.
Owner of The Hermosa Co, which is a Pregnancy and Women’s Massage clinic in Torquay. I also hand make a range of products for expectant and new Mamas. This range has been formulated off the back of the clinic work I do and the common alignment and concerns I hear from the mums. I have always made my own products so I knew I could expand my experience and knowledge into formulating a range for them. From my experience as a Mum and from the stories I hear from the women I treat I have developed a deep understanding for the importance of nurturing the Mama so she then can nurture and care for her babies and that is really the intent behind our range and treatments .
Lydia, your business has a very special event each year (which our managing director was a part of this year). Could you tell us about this and how you came up with such a fabulous idea?
#Hermosabody Is an annual body love photoshoot that I coordinate each yeah. This is an open invite to all preggie mums to come and embrace the magic of pregnancy. I find every mum I treat absolutely breathtaking and the whole journey to becoming a mum is such a unique one for us all. I feel that to showcase this beauty, strength and the unique difference on a larger scale and to share it with other mums creates a beautiful connection for Mamas across the globe. Hopefully it takes away an insecurities that any Mama feels towards her ever changing yet incredibly amazing body, helps to embrace these changes and to connect with that incredible strength and courage needed to bring our little ones into the world and to also nurture them and guide them thorough their lives.
I think it is amazing how you can inspire so many women to come and be photographed in quiet a vulnerable state. How do you think you inspire this confidence? 
I am so passionate and so in owe of what the female body is capable of and hopefully that reflects from my business and attracts women.
What strengths and skills do you believe being a Mother can offer the work place?
Oh my goodness where to I start!!!!
Multi tasking, sometimes I sit down at 8:30 and think about what I managed to do in the previous hour to actually get to the point that I could sit down and do work. I think of my pre kid life and what I could have achieved if I had functioned at the same level. But in saying that when you become a mum you really have no choice as its part of the juggle hence why sometimes we need a little bit of Mama time out 😉
Determination, I think of some of our journeys from trying to conceive, carrying a little ones full term, nurturing them and all the other aspects of motherhood almost makes us unstoppable. Sometimes I don’t think Mamas give themselves enough credit as to what the have achieved becoming a Mama how hard they worked, their courage and strength the determination to be the best for their little ones. So we need to take that strength and determination into the work force with us and that belief that we actually can achieve anything we want if we put our minds into it and if it is something we really want.
Can function without a lunch break 😉
 What advice do you have for the Mother that is thinking about returning to work, starting a new course, making a big decision etc but is struggling with self doubt?
Believe in yourself, be proud of all your achievements. Once you become a Mama  you also become a role model to your little ones show them the importance of believing in yourself, following your passions and dreams and never giving up. It’s never easy and some things don’t work out but you have a life to live and you want to be doing something that you love, it may take months or years to reach those goals but at least you can feel proud that you followed your dreams. Always stand tall and proud of the woman that you are 🙂
Finally, its 3pm on Wednesday afternoon and you’ve just realised you haven’t organised anything for dinner. What is your “go to” recipe for a quick and easy meal?
Baked Beans with cheese and herbs on toast with and egg. My husband always jokes and calls in my gourmet beans 😉
Thank you so much for chatting with us today Lydia. I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to be a part os #hermosabody. I will treasure those photos for the rest of my life. I also wanted to thank you for inventing the Hermosa postapartum sitz soak. That stuff worked its magic after Isaac was born. Thanks for those stitches little buddy!

If you would like to know more about Lydia, Hermosa co and Hermosa body you can find all the magic in the details below.
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